Survivalism in the 21st century

Survivalism and Survivalists

Survivalism is the act of preparing for an emergency including government opposition, natural catastrophe, economic collapse or any other life-altering event, either as an individual or in a group. A survivalist is someone that practices how to survive with a variety of life-saving tips and tricks and uses commonplace, ordinary tools and miscellaneous apparatus to sustain life when faced with adversity.

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to be concerned for the welfare of you and your family. Any number of catastrophic events can strike without notice leaving you without food, water, shelter and other basic necessities. As a modern day survivalist you have more tools that ever to help you learn how to survive in any number of life-altering events.



Nowadays, more than ever, there is a great deal of resources to get you started with understanding survivalism and how it can benefit you and your family. The internet provides an endless amount of information for the novice prepper as well as the experienced survivalist. Because there is such a vast amount of information out there, perhaps you should narrow down your options before you get started. When a survivalist is preparing what are some of the emergency situations you should be concerned about?

  1. Natural Disasters – Earthquakes, fire, flood, Tsunami and hurricanes can destroy homes and cause local economic breakdown that would severely impact the geographic area hit hardest.
  2. Economic/Financial Collapse – We are in precarious financial times and a financial/economic collapse would cause civil unrest, rioting, individuals making a run on the banks to withdraw their funds and the price of goods and services to skyrocket.
  3. EMP/WMD Attack – While the threat of Electromagnetic Pulse and WMD attacks might seem unrealistic, a successful attack of this magnitude would completely destroy our power grids; causing wide-spread panic, an inability to transport goods and civil unrest.
  4. Government Breakdown – With tension between political parties and global leaders, a breakdown in the government could cause widespread rioting, looting and a “mob mentality” to overtake your community.



In the event of a catastrophic event, it’s recommended that communities come together to double their efforts and stand as a united front. This is especially helpful when you consider the amount of work that will be needed to provide food, shelter and security for a group of people. If you’re going to rely on community resources in the event of a disaster, perhaps you should consider a family survival course to ensure that everyone in your family or community is ready for the challenge of survivalism.





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