5 Survival Tips From Cowboys

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.16.34 AMNot too many people today realize some of the best survival tips come from cowboys.

It makes sense; after all, it’s 2016 – we have a wealth of knowledge and information at our fingertips. The latest of technology is itching to be used and it’s become easier than ever to gain access to the latest tips, tricks and know-how on any given topic.

And yet it seems that the truly best sources for information come from some of the most reliable, trustworthy and useful people – the cowboys

The cowboys were some of the best survivalists out there – ranchers, hunters, fisherman, and handymen and gunmen truly living off the land in the vast, untouched wilderness.

Armed with just a horse, a gun, some rope and some black coffee they survived in the barren plains for years using the most out of every resource they had.

Now cowboys lived rugged lives, and lessons were learned the hard way. So consider this your time to learn their lessons – only you but you get to do it the easy way.

We want you to prep for survival the cowboy way, so here’s:

5 Survival Tips From Cowboys

1 – Never Leave Without A Weapon: 

This is one of the most crucial survival tips from the cowboys. Regardless of the situation or how long a cowboy figured he’d be gone for, he’d always bring his weapon with him.

After all, there’s no telling what’s coming up ahead, and cowboys (being the good preppers they are) made sure to equip for that. They were smart enough to know it wasn’t worth risking their lives, their families and their property to go without.

That’s as true today as it was then – it’s crucial to have a weapon (or multiple) on-hand to prepare for the unexpected. You never know who you’re going to meet when you walk out your front door.

In today’s age, it’s just good sense to have a weapon for your house and a weapon for your car.  Ultimately, it’s better to be prepared than to be dead.

2 – Always Have Rope

Cowboys are famous for using rope to round up cattle, but it was used for so much more than that.

Cowboys could use a rope to build a shelter, tie down a tent, tie heavy objects together to make them easier to lift, repel down a cliff, make a tourniquet, make a trip wire, make a splint/arm sling, tie down large objects to keep them moving in the wagon, or even to start a fire.

Rope has also been vital for cowboys to repair their equipment with. Besides a weapon, rope was absolutely essential for their survival.

3 – Befriend A Buffalo

If you really don’t think you’d prefer a buffalo’s company over another human being’s, watch this video and then let us know when you change your mind:

It’s true, bison sometimes make better companions than people – they’re excellent listeners, don’t mind if you don’t do the dishes and they don’t talk back or tell you what to do.

But seriously, cowboys liked buffalo for much more than just as riding companions.

Buffalo hair was used to make pillows and ropes, muscle sinew was used to make glue and thread, their meat was delicious and could be dried and made into jerky, and the hide was used to make belts, gun cases, clothing, pouches, and many more tools.

They were an excellent survival resource.

4 – Use What Nature Gives You

Cowboys used any and every resource available to them to keep going and thrive in the wilderness.

They used their strong survival skills and know-how to convert cow manure into fertilizer to boost crop production, to save up the crops they produced for the winter, to hunt, shoot and kill their meals, to dry and salt the animal meat so it lasted for months, and to save money on survival food they had to purchase.

They also used all the tools and natural resources around them (such as plants, trees, animals, you name it) to better their family’s situation and prepare for what was up ahead. Nothing was off-limits for cowboys to use.

5 – Manners Count

Manners are as important now as they ever were, and cowboys knew the importance of politeness. They had respect for their land and their horses and cattle, respect for their elders, women and families, they told the truth and responded with a “Yes Sir” or “No Ma’am.”

Manners got cowboys far in life; after all, no one wants to help someone that’s rude, untruthful and ungrateful.

We told you to always be ready with a weapon – and we weren’t kidding. We take safety very seriously (as should you) and it’s just good sense to always come prepared.

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