22 Redneck Fishing Tips

fishing tipsOne of the things I absolutely love about redneck fishing tips is they often include taking everyday items and turning them into a better way to catch fish…

Which is fine with me, since I’d rather use the common items around me to do the job if possible.

This is often way more fun to do and MUCH less expensive anyway, as you’re using your own two hands and making your own fishing gear rather than spending tons of your hard-earned cash on over-priced fishing equipment.

Survival fishing doesn’t have to mean going out and spending thousands on top-of-the-line gear. In fact, sometimes using the most “boring” everyday items can turn into the invention of a fun, effective way to catch supper.

Your mind will be “reeling” when you learn about these crazy redneck fishing tips!

I’m about to introduce you to an entirely new way to fish…

22 Redneck Fishing Tips

1 – Use Your Earplugs

That’s right – your everyday foam earplugs can make excellent bobbers when fishing. Simply push the hook through the plug and slide the foam up the line.

2 – Coke Cans Are Your Friends

Coke cans can be of significant use to you while fishing – especially the can tabs. All you’ll need are some soda can tabs, some brightly colored paracord, a multi-tool, a pair of scissors, a pair of diagonal cut pliers, and a pocket blade.

Check out the process here:

Note: As you saw in the video, you’ll need a good multi-tool for this project. However, if you use our EDC Multi-Tool it’ll help you make a soda tab fish hook, AND perform 12 additional functions, such as: long-nose pliers, wire stripper, cutter, can opener, phillips head screwdriver, fish scaler, hook dislodger, ruler, file, knife, small knife, and bottle opener. Check it out here!

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3 – Save Your Sunglasses

One of the most annoying experiences while fishing is to lose your expensive sunglasses in the water. However, with the help of a wine cork, you can ensure this doesn’t happen again.

First, paint the cork a bright color, such as yellow  or orange. Then, drill one hole through the cork near the top, and another near the bottom of the cork. Then simply take a piece of shoelace or paracord and slip the cord through both sets of holes, and attaching one end to each side of your sunglasses.

This little project will not only make your sunglasses float in the water, but the brightly colored cork will make them easy to “fish out” of the lake when you need them.

4 – Usey the Koozie

Large spools of fishing line can become a hassle when they’re coming undone and rolling around your boat. Plus, they can be a major pain to string back together – especially when you’ve got a fish on the pole.

Bypass the hassle by storing your large spool in a drink koozie. Let a small piece of the thread hang out so it’s easy to find/use, and simply pull and cut as needed.

5 – Keep Your Knife Afloat

Filet knives are great for speeding up the cooking process, but you can’t do much if your knife is sinking to the bottom of the lake. Keep it afloat even if it gets knocked off the boat with the help of a wine cork.

Using the same process as listed in #3, slip the paracord through the cork and tie it to your knife. That way, if your knife does take a plunge, it won’t be lost to a watery grave.

6 – Keep Your Fishing Rods Together

By wrapping rope or paracord around your fishing rods, you’ll be able to keep them organized and together, and will make it easier to separate them from the rest of your fishing supplies.

Need some extra strong rope or some 550 paracord? We’ve got lots of each – click the images of the rope (left) or paracord (right) below to stock up.

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Note: Wondering why you would ever need paracord in a fishing/survival situation? We’ve got 100 reasons here.

7 – Reuse The Baby Wipe Box

If you’ve got little kids, you know how many baby wipe boxes you throw away every month. Luckily, you’ve just found a way to recycle these and help save the planet.

First, fill up a Ziploc bag a little over half way with cold water and freeze the bag. While you wait for the bag to freeze, remove the dispenser flap from the top of the box. Once the bag is frozen, place it in the box, and your bait on top. Put the lid on and you’re good to go.

This will not only keep your bait cold, but will also help protect it from birds and bugs.

8 – Upcycle The Tic Tac Box

I love tic tacs, but I could never think of a good use for the box once I was done…until now. If you use wax bait while fishing, you can store these easily in a tic tac container. The box is small enough to fit in your pocket, and will hold a surprising amount of bait.

9 – Bring The Egg Carton

Once you’ve used that last egg from the grocery store, make sure to save the carton it came in. These can be great storage spaces for loose bobbers!

10 – Quit Diggin’ For Earthworms

Remove the ends of a coffee can and cover each side with a plastic lid. Then open up the top and fill it with fresh soil and earthworms. When it’s time to bait the hook, simply remove one of the two capped ends to grab them; this way, you’ll never have to dig to the bottom of the can for the last worm.

11 – Use The Letter Opener

Bring along a compact letter opener (the kind that conceals the blade) on your next fishing trip. This will safely and easily cut through braided line without fraying it.

12 – Safety Pin Your Hooks

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten pricked by fishing hooks before I learned about this handy invention.

Simply open up a safety pin and slide the tip of it through the tops of your fishing hooks, one by one. When you’re done, close up the safety pin and you’ll have an easy, convenient storage space for your hooks when you need them.

13 – Salt Your Eggs

Bring a small plate and the salt shaker next time you head out on the water. When it’s time to bait your hook, pour your salmon eggs onto the plate and sprinkle table salt on top (you don’t need much).

Then immediately bait your hook and cast – the salt will help the eggs stay put on the hook, even in a rough current.

14 – Recycle That Capri-Sun Pouch

Kids love those Capri-Sun juice pouches, but they can fill up the trash can fast. Reuse them by cutting across the top (just under where the straw goes) and rinsing them out with water. Dry the pouch, and then fill it with your smelliest bait.

Close up the pouch using a hair straightener or other hot clamp, and then cut open a small opening once you’re on the water.

I like these juice pouches way better than ziploc bags, as they seem to be more waterproof and durable than our typical sandwich bag.

15 – Bag Your First-Aid Kit

Like I said, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pricked my finger on a hook while fishing, and it’s for this reason (as well as countless others) that I’ve made it a habit to carry a small first-aid kit with me whenever I head out on a fishing trip.

To help protect the first aid supplies from water damage, you can store them in a vacuum-sealed bag. That way if they go overboard, you won’t damage any of the kit’s contents.

Note: If you want an easy, done-for-you solution our Watertight First Aid Kit 1.0 is super compact, filled to the brim with life-saving first-aid supplies, and contains a water-tight seal to keep water out. Check it out here.

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16 – Make Your Own Trotline

You can make your own trotline out of paracord! This is incredibly handy in both redneck fishing and in a survival situation. Plus, the trotline will allow you to go off and do other things rather than constantly babysitting your fishing pole.

Watch the video below for a step-by-step process:

17 – Use Your Dental Pick

You might have raised your eyebrows at this one, but dental picks can actually work great for picking out the line from the backlash caused by a baitcaster. Plus, it’ll work without cutting the line – essential for a positive fishing experience.

However, if you don’t have a dental pick on you, you can always use the handy “Thumb Trick” maneuver shown in this video:

18 – Pool Noodles For Damage Control

Canoes are great for rowing out onto the lake; however, the damage that can be done to them by loading it onto your car roof can make it seem like it’s not worth the hassle.

Luckily, pool noodles are here to help. Cut a notch down the entire length of the noodle, about an inch wide and a few inches deep. Do this for multiple pool noodles.

Now slip these over the gunwales of your boat; these will help protect the canoe (and your car) from damage as you load the canoe onto the roof your vehicle.

19 – Bring The Plastic Coffee Jug

Using an empty plastic coffee jug (like Folgers) can work great as a trash receptacle on a boat. Simply unscrew the lid and add your candy wrappers, soda/beer cans, and other trash into the jug to prevent it from blowing into the water. This also makes for easy cleanup at the end of the trip.

20 – Matchbooks: For More Than Just Lighting Fires

First, take out your full matchbook; then place the point of the hook behind the matches. Wrap the leader line around the matchbook until you’ve wrapped almost all of it. When you have just a little line left, store it behind one of the matches to secure it in place.

21 – Create A Mini Tackle Box

Using a few everyday items you can make your own mini tackle box!

Check out the video below to see how it’s done:

22 – Make Your Own Bait Weight

Adding a nail to your fishing bait is actually very effective for both lowering the lure to the bottom of the water, as well as for making it easier to cast. This video will show you which nails to use and how to do it:

Well, I hope these fishing tips are hopeful to you as you do some redneck/survival fishing of your own! As you’ve probably guessed, I’m a big fan of fishing with my own two hands and using the everyday items around me to enhance my fishing experience.

I also love compact survival tools, like the mini tackle box in #21. That’s because I know if I’m camping or bugging out,  I’ll have very limited space in my bug out bag/camping gear to store survival supplies.

Plus, I figure, why weigh yourself down when you can have everything you need in the palm of your hand?!

Take our Paracord Grenade, for example. This handy little survival tool includes 14 pieces of compact fishing gear, all wrapped up in 9 feet of 550 paracord.

Here’s a list of everything inside:

  • (1) Knife Blade: This blade is sharp enough to cut open a fish, or skin a small animal.
  • (1) Fire Starter: So you can build a fire without the need for matches.
  • (2) Lengths of Fishing Line: This translucent line will help you rustle up a dinner in a flash.
  • (2) Fishing Hooks: Pre-attached to fishing line to make your catch as easy as possible.
  • (2) Fishing Weights: To make sure your fish can find the hook.
  • (2) Bobbers: To ensure your hook catches the fish.
  • (2) Swivels: To keep fish on the line.
  • (1) Piece of Tin Foil: Used to cook dinner or to lure fish to your hook, or even to be used as a signal mirror.
  • (1) Tinder: Helps you get a fire going in no time.

Not only is this mini fishing kit incredibly useful, but it’s so small and lightweight (1.8 oz) you can easily fit it in the palm of your hand. Plus, it comes with an attached carabiner to easily hook it to your keychain or bug out bag for easy access.

Click here and you’ll get to see even more info about this survival product, as well as a video from Survival Frog’s very own Geoff The Gear Guy, who gives you a tutorial on how to open and use your Paracord Grenade Kit!

This is one of our survival store’s top-selling products, boasting 17 five-star reviews. Grab yourself a Paracord Grenade  today by clicking on the image below and experience the survival tool preppers around the nation are talking about!

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