5 Sneaky Places to Hide Your Valuables From Looters

Those who aren’t prepared for a crisis might come knocking on your door when they run out of their own supplies. And if they’re truly desperate, they’ll simply barge in.

You know you can’t afford to be generous with your supplies because you need them for your family. Fortunately, you can keep your valuables, gear, and food cleverly hidden so an angry mass of desperate and starving people will never find them.

Here are 5 sneaky places you can hide your stuff in your house so other people can’t find them. There are a lot more hiding places than this, but these will give you a good start.

Underneath a Desk or Dresser Drawers

If a looter breaks into your home and is looking for stuff to steal, one of the most obvious places  they’ll check is inside a desk or dresser drawers…

However, they’ll only look inside the drawers and will never think about checking underneath them.

You’ll need two things to do this: strong tape, such as duct tape, and plastic envelopes.

First, remove the drawer and flip it upside down. Now put your valuables inside the plastic envelopes and seal them.  Tape down the plastic envelopes to the drawer with duct tape.

Put the drawer back in and make sure the drawer can still pull in and out without breaking the envelopes loose. If it glides open smoothly, you’ve got an awesome new hiding spot that most people will never look for.

Inside Air Vents

This hiding spot is great if you have central heating in your home.

All you have to do is unscrew one of the vent plates, put your valuables in the vent, and then screw the plate back in.

It’s simple, but most people won’t bother checking there because they’ll be in too much of a rush to steal your stuff and get out quickly.

To be on the safe side, you should pick a vent that’s either in a more secluded area of your house or is hard to access.

Inside Empty Paint Cans

It’s pretty common to have paint cans lying around your garage or shed, and you can take advantage of that because looters won’t pay any attention to them.

Find some paint cans that are almost empty or that you aren’t going to use anymore and clean out the inside as best you can. Then put your valuables or food reserves in them for safekeeping.

Inside Fake Electrical Outlets

This is a hiding place that’ll go completely unnoticed, but it involves cutting a hole in your wall.

Cut out a small section of your drywall the same size as your other electrical outlets, stuff your gear inside, and then insert a new outlet cover.

You could apply this “hole in the wall” idea in other ways, but an electrical outlet will result in the smallest hole and be the least conspicuous.

Under Floor Tiling

If you have hardwood floors or tiling in your bathroom, you can hide things under your floor that most people won’t notice.

Remove one of the boards or tiles and dig out an area underneath. Then replace the board or tile and try to get it to sit flat with the rest of the floor so it looks natural.

You could also do this with carpet or rugs, but it won’t be as seamless because there will be an indent in the fabric.

Do you know any other cool hiding places? If so, share your ideas in the comments section below with your fellow preppers.


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