14+ Simple But Useful Survival Uses For Plastic Grocery Bags

uses for plastic grocery bagsYou may figure the only real uses for plastic grocery bags is for carrying your produce and canned goods to your car (and perhaps for picking up dog poop).

However, there are FAR more uses for these cheap plastic bags besides just that – especially if you’re in a survival situation.

When SHTF you need stock up on survival tools that have a variety of uses and that store easily and compactly into your bug out bag. And there’s no other survival product quite like the plastic grocery bag to help you survive in a crisis.

We here at Survival Frog want to help you become prepared for any and every life-threatening emergency possible; that’s why I want to teach you these…

14+ Simple But Useful Survival Uses For Plastic Grocery Bags

1 – Makeshift Pillow

When you’re getting ready to sleep at night, simply grab your handy plastic grocery bag and stuff it with leaves or soft tree needles (especially Eastern White Pine or Douglas Fir needles). To make a bigger pillow, simply stuff multiple bags and then tape them together.

Better yet, you can rest your head while laying on our comfortable survival cot! Perfect for bugging out, camping trips, and relaxing in the backyard. Check it out here.

uses for plastic grocery bags

2 – DIY Food Storage

If you’re heading into your bug out shelter or camping tent for the night, you don’t want bugs, raccoons, or even bears munching on your food. Put the food in a plastic grocery bag and hang it high in a tree to help deter these critters from munching on your food.

3 – Catch Your Dinner

By cutting up a plastic bag (preferably a brightly colored one) you can use the pieces as fishing lures to attract fish. You can also poke holes into the bag, attach the bag to a stick, and lower it into the water to use as a makeshift fishing net.

Note: You can also use the handy fishing equipment we’ve got in our paracord grenade to rustle up some dinner. It’s so compact it’ll fit on your keychain! Check it out here.

uses for plastic grocery bags

4 – Hold Your Survival Gear

If your bug out bag is full, you can always use plastic grocery bags to hold your extra supplies. Make sure to double-line them for extra durability.

You can even attach the plastic grocery bags to our supremely awesome Tactical Stocking! Use these your mantle during the holiday season, then store your survival gear in them during your camping/bug out trips the rest of the year. Take a look here.

uses for plastic grocery bags

5 – Protect Your Valuables

If you’ve got breakable gear (such as glass) in your bag, you’ll need to make extra effort to ensure it doesn’t shatter. Wrap the items in grocery bags, and use extra to pack around the items to keep them safe.

6 – Separate Wet Supplies

If some of your clothes/supplies accidentally went for a swim, you can use plastic grocery bags to separate them from the rest of your stuff. This will help keep your other supplies dry, and will help prevent the spread of mildew.

7 – Hold Natural Remedies

If you’re heading out on the trail, you may see a lot of plants/edibles you want to use later. Well, if you have a plastic grocery bag, you can put these plants/flowers in them.

Don’t know which plants to save?

  • Click here to learn how to determine which plants are edible
  • Click here to discover 7 wild berries that are essential to survival
  • Click here to learn about 7 natural cures for disease
  • Click here to discover 5 natural alternatives for pain relief

8 – Water Storage

If you have no other way to transport water safely, you can keep it in plastic grocery bags as you’re out and about. Make sure there’s no holes in the bottom of the bag, and always be sure to boil the water before drinking.

Note: If you need better (and bigger) ways to store your emergency water for camping/bug out trips, we highly recommend the following tools:

uses for plastic grocery bagsuses for plastic grocery bagsuses for plastic grocery bagsuses for plastic grocery bagsuses for plastic grocery bags

9 – Cover Your Wipers

If a snowstorm is heading your way, simply tie plastic grocery bags around each wiper blade. You can also use these bags to cover your side mirrors before a storm hits. This will help protect your car from retaining a buildup of snow and ice.

10 – Makeshift Poncho

To keep dry in the rain, you can cut up a bunch of grocery bags, tape them together and make a DIY poncho.

Note: If you want an easier way, you can always just bring along one of our super durable ponchos instead. Click on the images below for details.

uses for plastic grocery bagsuses for plastic grocery bags

11 – DIY Insulation

If your bug out shelter gets drafty, you can line the roof and walls with grocery bags. This will help keep the wind and rain out, and keep the heat in. You can also use these around your drafty windows for added insulation.

12 – Tie Down Your Shelter

If you’re using a tarp with eyelets, simply roll up the plastic grocery bag and slide it through the eyelet. Then tie the bag around a tree branch in order to secure your shelter.

13 – Waterproof Your Shoes

If you get caught in a rainstorm and didn’t come prepared with waterproof shoes/boots, simply take a grocery bag and slip your foot inside. Tie the bag around your ankle, and this should protect your feet from getting wet.

14 – Contain Waste

If you’ve got a plastic bucket, you can line it with a grocery bag and use the bucket as a toilet. You can even do this without a bucket if you really need to. Dispose of the waste and go about your day.

You can also use plastic grocery bags as a toilet paper alternative; however, I would recommend most anything over them. Such as what, you ask? Check out our blog here to discover 9 different (and better) TP alternatives.

Well there you have it – 14 ways you can utilize plastic grocery bags in a survival situation. But that’s not all – I’ve also included a video that shares WAY more survival uses for these bags. Check it out!

As I mentioned in #14, plastic grocery bags can do in a pinch if you need to dispose of your waste; however, this can pose a series of problems.

For one, these bags puncture easily. And that’s the last thing you want when you’re trying to move waste.

Second, these bags are strong, but some are less durable than others. And if you can imagine what a nuisance it is when you overfill your bags with food and the bottom falls out, you can only imagine how much worse that’ll be with an excessive amount of waste.

We know of a better way to manage this process – and that’s by using our survival waste bags and survival toilets.

Each of our toilets is portable, provides a comfortable seat, and is super durable, so they’ll stand up to the drops and abuse they can encounter in a survival situation.

Best yet, our Double Doodie PLUS toilet bags are made of thick, durable plastic to prevent leakage, and contain a double zip-locking mechanism which ensures a tight, leak-proof seal.They also have a large holding capacity, as well as convenient handles for easy transport.

Best of all, these toilet bags contain a bio-gel waste powder, which solidifies liquid waste and masks unpleasant odors.

You can use these toilet bags on any standard toilet, and they’re a perfect option when your household plumbing fails.

Whether you’re camping, hiking, or bugging out, these toilets and toilet accessories can really help make your experience a lot better (and cleaner). Stock up now by clicking on the accessories below.

uses for plastic grocery bagsuses for plastic grocery bagsuses for plastic grocery bagsuses for plastic grocery bagsuses for plastic grocery bags



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