Is Prepping a Waste of Time If a Crisis Never Happens?

One common question that pops up for both experienced preppers and would-be preppers is if prepping is a waste of time if a crisis never happens.

It might seem foolish to prepare for something that may never happen…

But when you think about it, you’ll quickly realize that prepping is worth it whether there’s a crisis or not, and I’m about to show you why.

Nothing is Wasted

Done properly, there’s little to no waste involved in prepping. Everything you buy or do can be consumed or used whether there’s a crisis or not.

For example, let’s consider stocking food reserves.

Storing extra food is one of the most essential steps a prepper can take. But even long-term food eventually spoils…so if there’s no crisis, it’ll go to waste, right?


Food reserves aren’t something that should be stockpiled and then forgotten about. You should do what’s called “rotating” your food, which is where you eat the older food while gradually adding fresher food.

You need to eat anyway, so why not draw from your food reserves?

Even if a crisis doesn’t happen, you haven’t lost anything because you’re saving on buying meals by dipping into your food reserves. It all equals out.

Prepping Saves Money

Being frugal is part of being a prepper. We know we need money for the things we need, and that naturally leads to cutting out the things we don’t need.

Finding clever ways to cut costs is a habit that will last a lifetime and saves a lot of money over the years, crisis or not.

But there’s another reason prepping saves money, and that’s the emphasis on buying in bulk.

A non-prepper will usually only buy what they need immediately or in the near future…but a prepper will buy enough to last years.

Grocery stores like Costco cater to this kind of consumer and offer huge discounts to those who buy in bulk. When you add it all up, preppers who buy in bulk save a lot of money compared to those who just buy what they immediately need.

Preppers Learn Valuable Skills

Prepping isn’t just about stocking up on gear…it’s also about learning valuable skills. These skills are useful on their own and are well-worth learning.

You might never need to start a fire from scratch…but you can’t lose by learning how to. In fact, learning new skills can be very enjoyable and is part of living a fulfilling life.

Once you learn these survival skills, you can pass them on to your children, grandchildren, or your friends.

Consider Prepping as Insurance

Prepping is really just a form of insurance. It’s something you do just in case something goes wrong.

You might never get into a car crash, but you still have car insurance, right?

You might not have a medical emergency any time soon, but you still have health insurance…

And it’s true that a SHTF scenario might be a long way off…but planning for the worst is always a good idea!

To me, prepping is the smart thing to do. You’ll have a fighting chance at survival if a crisis happens, and you still benefit even if a crisis never happens.

As far as I’m concerned, you can’t lose as a prepper.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? How has being a prepper benefited your life so far? Let me know in the comments section below.


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