Should Your Survival Arsenal Include a Pellet Gun?

pellet gun blogShould your survival supplies include a pellet gun?

Every prepper knows that bugging out requires a careful consideration of the supplies you’ll need versus the space you have and the amount of equipment you can actually carry.

That being the case, why would you want to waste precious space in your bug out bag for a “toy” rifle?

Well, for one thing, pellet guns are widely available. You can probably go down to the nearest Walmart and pick one up in under 20 minutes.

And while it’s true that BB and air rifles are sometimes marketed as toys, they can also prove to be a real life-saver during a crisis.

5 Reasons Every Prepper Should Own a Pellet Gun

BB and pellet guns have come a long way since the Daisy Red Ryder. Just check out the video below to see what I mean.

1 – Pellet Guns are “Backyard Friendly”

Many pellet guns are “backyard friendly,” meaning you can shoot one in your backyard and your neighbors aren’t likely to notice (or freak out and call the cops).

Having a silent weapon can be very useful in a survival situation when you’re trying not to draw attention to your location.

And considering how much money some people pay to make their firearms quiet, it’s definitely a plus that pellet guns come that way for free.

2 – Budget-Friendly Prices

A good-quality pellet gun will cost you less than $50 which is dirt cheap compared to a normal firearm.

This is ideal for folks who are building a bug out bag on a budget and want to include some kind of projectile weapon.

And while it’s true that these guns don’t pack anywhere near the same amount of power as a traditional firearm, it can be hard for the untrained eye to tell the difference between the two.

3 – Untraceable

Laws can vary from state to state, but the federal government does not regulate the transfer, possession, or use of non-powder guns.

So, when you buy a this kind of gun, that purchase is between you and the cashier. As long as you stay away from the more powerful guns, you usually aren’t required to complete a background check either.

4 – Perfect for Small Game

All of these benefits don’t really add up to much if you can’t get some practical use out of your pellet gun, but luckily, they can be quite handy for hunting.

While there are stories out there of folks taking down larger animals with pellet guns, they’re much better suited for handling small game.

When SHTF and food supplies run low, the ability to hunt squirrels, rabbits, and birds will be invaluable.

Hunting small game with this kind of gun does take a bit of practice, but this will also improve your overall shooting skills.

5 – (Almost) Infinite Ammo

Learning how to hunt with a pellet gun will likely involve some trial and error.

Thankfully, one of the most compelling reasons to own a pellet gun is the fact that ammo is both cheap and plentiful.

When SHTF, you can bet that the cost of ammunition will skyrocket and every bullet will become precious. This means it’ll be foolish to use traditional ammo for target practice or hunting small game.

On top of that, pellets don’t go bad over time like traditional ammunition, and you can carry thousands of lightweight pellets in your bug out bag with relative ease.


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Should Your Survival Arsenal Include a Pellet Gun?

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