7 Native American Natural Cures For Disease

natural cures for diseaseFor thousands of years, Native Americans have used plants and herbs as natural cures for disease. 

Most Native Americans believed that health was not just a two-minute fix, but an ongoing process of continually staying physically, spiritually and mentally strong.

The Native Americans used a wide variety of plants to cure an assortment of diseases and illnesses. This use of natural medicine is one of the key reasons why the Native Americans were so in-tune with nature and its resources.

Just like the Native Americans, we believe that natural remedies provide some of the best ways to cure diseases; and, in a survival situation, plants and herbs are often some of your only resources for healing…so it’s best to learn about them now.

Note: although medicinal herbs and plants are incredibly important to your health, they do not contain enough overall nutrition to replace actual meals in a SHTF situation. Always make sure you have emergency meals on-hand in a crisis.

7 Native American Natural Cures For Disease

1 – Wild Ginger

natural cures for disease

Wild ginger has a multitude of medicinal uses; when made into a tea, it can help treat upset stomach and colic, can stimulate digestion and can get rid of respiratory secretion. Certain tribes have also used wild ginger to cure earaches.

2 – Greenbriar

natural cures for disease

Greenbriar roots are high in nutritious calories and are chock-full of vitamins and minerals. Its leaves can be used to make a tea, which helps treat arthritis, rid the blood of impurities, and acts as a mild diuretic.

Greenbriar roots are also rubbery, and have been used to replace potatoes in certain meals; the berries can be consumed raw or can be made into a jam.

3 – Wild Rose

natural cures for disease

Wild roses have a variety of survival uses; for one, they’re bursting with nutrients, and their fruit’s high Vitamin C content has been used to treat the common cold and flu. Wild rose petals can be made into a jam, and also help to alleviate sore throat.

Native American tribes made tea out of the rose hips, which aided in kidney and bladder function, and the roots helped treat diarrhea.

4 – Mullein

natural cures for disease

Pronounced “mull-in,” this medicinal herb has been used for years to relieve joint pain, swelling, and irritation. Many tribes would burn the roots/leaves and inhale the smoke in order to open lung pathways and relieve chest congestion and asthma.

5 – Yarrow

natural cures for disease

Yarrow’s most notable trait is its ability to help clot the blood; its fresh, crushed leaves can be applied to a wound in a dire situation to stop bleeding. Its juice can also help to stop stomach bleeding, as well as to prevent kidney, gallbladder and intestinal issues.

Not only is it great for the blood, but yarrow also has a few surprising uses, such as treating acne and healing dry, chapped hands.

6 – Cattail

natural cures for disease

Cattails have a number of surprising uses; for example, the fuzz ( or “down”) from its flowers prevent diaper rash. It can also be mashed into a paste, which helps heal burns and sores. As for eating, cattail root is a great source of starch, and its protein-rich pollen can be used in baking.

7 – Sumac

natural cures for disease

Sumac has numerous medicinal uses, such as relieving a sore throat, and relieving rash from poison ivy (its crushed leaves are used to make an ointment). It also helps lower cholesterol, soothes diarrhea, and can reduce fever when made into a tea.

Now, we understand that these plants are incredibly beneficial to your health – but, they also can’t be found everywhere in the world (after all, not everyone has cattails and sumac growing in their backyard).

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