Navy SEAL’s Best Ways To Protect Yourself

best ways to protect yourselfNavy SEALs  are undoubtedly among the best and the bravest people I know of. When it comes to combat and knowing the best ways to protect yourself, there’s no one that I listen to more.

That’s why I’m so glad I found the gold mine of information located in this YouTube video I found – it’s got a real Navy SEAL (Jocko Willink) discussing what are, in his opinion, the best ways to protect yourself anywhere, anytime.


I’m not going to lie; his advice is controversial. But here’s the thing – at the end of the day, if this guy’s advice could save my life, I’d sure listen to it…wouldn’t you?

Note: One thing Willink doesn’t mention that’s incredibly important for self-defense (especially now, as we are in the age of the cell phone) is the ability to look up, to be aware of your surroundings, and to alert those around you when you (or they) are in trouble. You can do all that (and probably save a life) with this super loud whistle.

Navy SEAL’s Best Ways To Protect Yourself

1 – Get A Gun

I don’t know why this one took me by surprise – I guess because it’s so simple. And yet, there are a lot of people that are terrified of owning a firearm, much less shooting one in self-defense.

As you’ll see in the video, Willink’s opinion is this:

“First and foremost, if you’re talking about true self-defense to protect yourself from other evil human beings in the world, it’s a gun – and it’s concealed carry. And that is what you should train to do; you should go to the range, you should get a gun, and if you are in situations where you need to protect yourself, that is how you protect yourself against people. ‘Cuz other people have guns, they have knives, they’re psychotic, they’re on drugs – and if you want to protect yourself, that is how you do it. Period. That trumps everything else.”

Whether you’re for concealed carry or against, it’s an important topic to discuss. Not only is this method of self-protection fun to practice, but it’s also one of the few methods that people of (almost) any age and ability can train in.

Plus, with concealed carry, you can defend yourself at any place, at any time – this is a huge advantage to have in a crisis.

2 – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is second on Willink’s list of top self-defense methods. He explains that this style allows you to handle yourself in combat, and helps teach you how to get up, get away and protect yourself when someone’s got you on the ground.

He also explains that Brazilian jiu-jitsu teaches you two very valuable things: humility and discipline (necessary when becoming an excellent fighter).

3 – Western Boxing

Western boxing is third on Willink’s list and is a method that is still heavily practiced in America. He describes that this method allows you to learn how to [correctly] punch people in the face, as well as to maintain distance in a fight (both very valuable skills to have in combat).

4 – Muay Thai

Muay Thai is the fourth most powerful self-defense method according to Willink. This method involves full-contact fighting with the use of elbows, shins, knees and fists. The method also trains in “clinching” (a type of hold used in stand-up fighting), as well as striking.

5 – Wrestling

Wrestling is 5th on Willink’s list, and is another heavily practiced method in America. This style of self-defense is very helpful due to its ability to train you to take down opponents, as well as to defend takedowns.

To learn more about Willink’s opinions on self-defense methods (as well as what he thinks of the effectiveness of traditional martial arts vs. the methods listed above), watch the video interview here:

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best ways to protect yourself



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