5 Reasons Watermelon Is Great For Prepping


This past 4th of July reminded me just how much I love watermelon. So crisp, so juicy, so healthy, and so deliciously full of summer.

And then I started pondering how people don’t really think about this delicious fruit until summer hits. Which is a huge shame for me, because if I could, I’d eat the stuff non-stop for weeks.

Then it hit me – you can actually use watermelon for prepping all year round! It’s true – it’s not just the crisp juicy fruit we drip all over ourselves at picnics, but rather a surprisingly versatile food that can be cooked and eaten many different ways during all four seasons.

Want to know more? Good – I’m about to show you these…

5 Reasons Watermelon Is Great For Prepping

1 – You Can Make Watermelon Candy

That’s right – you can turn this already sweet fruit into a candy! You can do this by dehydrating it. This is a great way to enjoy them all year round – even in the winter, when they’re are no longer in season (your friends will be so jealous)!

Simply slice up the watermelon with a large, serrated knife. Then remove the rind, and cut the slices into 2″- 3″ chunks.

Set the pieces on a dehydrator tray and let them drain over the sink. Once that’s finished, put the trays in the dehydrator at about 135°F for 8-10 hours. You can tell they’re done if they look like fruit leather. When you poke them, the skin shouldn’t bounce back – it should stay firm.

There you have it – delicious watermelon candy!

Need a visual? Here’s a video of the process:

2 – It Prevents Dehydration

Watermelon can be a godsend in an emergency – it’s over 91% water, so it can help rehydrate you in a crisis. Plus, it’s a great temporary alternative to water if you’re needing a little extra flavor/texture.

Want to know which other foods/plants prevent dehydration? We wrote a blog about that here.

Note: although watermelon is an excellent source of water, it can not be a complete substitute for it. Be sure to keep plenty of water stocked up in case of a disaster. Better yet, store your H20 in these hefty 5 gallon water containers – they’re stackable and made of FDA approved plastic! See them here.


3 – It Can Ease Sore Muscles

Whether you’re working out, doing yard work, or just have general aches and pains, watermelon can actually help ease those sore muscles of yours. This juicy fruit is chock-full of l-citrulline, which is an amino acid that works to relieve your soreness fast.

If you know you’ll be working out or being extra active, juice a watermelon beforehand to get a jump start on the relief.

4 – You Can Actually Eat Every Part Of It

Despite what you were probably taught as a kid, you CAN eat the watermelon rind, as well as its seeds!

Although most people just throw away the rind, what they don’t know is you can cook it and can it to make some delicious, long lasting food for your survival pantry!

P.S: We just got in some BRAND NEW cookware you’d love to use for this! Its made of hard anodized aluminum, so it’s been strengthened to twice the hardness of stainless steel – meaning it’ll last WAY longer than most survival cookware! Check it out here.


Here’s a video of a great way to cook and can the rind:

If you watched the video in #1, you also learned that the seeds are actually a diuretic, and help prevent you from retaining water weight. The seeds are also quite healthy, and are full of iron, protein, zinc, and fiber.

And just FYI, contrary to what people told me as a kid, if you eat them, the seed will not travel to your stomach and thus start sprouting more watermelons in your belly (just to make that clear).

5 – It’s Super Versatile

Despite what many people think, watermelon is good for way more ways than just eating it outright. There’s a surprising amount of dishes you can make from this tasty fruit. For one, you can add creamy crab salad and arugula to a slice for a tasty array of textures and tastes.

For another, you can replace it with tomatoes in your sandwich as a crisp, juicy alternative. Have a watermelon recipe you love? Comment below and let me know.

It’s true – watermelon is a fantastic food for preppers. It’s versatile, healthy, and absolutely delicious.

Watermelon isn’t the only fruit you should be stocking up on, though (ever hear that adage, “never have too much of a good thing?”). You need to mix it up to allow your body the most opportunity to soak up as many nutrients, from as many different fruits, as possible.

This can be difficult when bugging in – after all, when SHTF, it’s likely that the grocery store shelves will be completely cleared off, leaving you to fend for yourself with all the preps you stored up beforehand.

Well, we here at Survival Frog want to help ensure you have a variety of fruit prepped in your survival pantry in a crisis – after all, fruit is nature’s candy, and is therefore an important part of a well-stocked pantry.

For prepping, I recommend these Lindon Farms freeze-dried fruits. They’re super convenient (simply eat right out of the bag), crazy nutritious (no MSG or high-fructose corn syrup – just fruit), and insanely long lasting (up to 20-30 years!).

Plus, they’re ridiculously affordable – at $0.91 per serving, it’s a huge bargain!

We’ve got two types in our online store – the first is the fruit variety pack, which contains 300 servings of a multitude of delicious fruits, such as strawberries, bananas, peaches, and blueberries.

There’s also a tropical version which is equally tasty – this one offers the same nutritional/prepping benefits, as well as 150 servings of unique and scrumptious fruits like mangos, tart cherries and pineapples.

No matter which you choose, you really can’t go wrong with these fantastic freeze-dried fruit buckets. Add them to your survival pantry today (or start snacking on them right when they’re delivered…we won’t tell).

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