How To Make A “2-Can Slam” DIY Stove

DIY stoveOk guys, I’m stoked about this new project – I’m calling it the “2-Can Slam” DIY Stove.

Truth is, I’m probably most excited about this stove because it is dirt cheap to make.


If you have the right tools, you could make this thing for free easily – and it’s more than likely you’ve already got most (if not all) of what you need in your garage.

I’m about to blow your mind with these awesome tips on…

How To Make A “2-Can Slam” DIY Stove

Stuff you’ll need: 

  • 1 – 11.5 oz tin food can
  • 1 – 22 oz tin food can
  • 1 – can opener
  • 1 – pair of metal cutting shears
  • 1 – metal file OR deburring tool
  • 1 – black sharpie
  • 1 – power drill
  • 1 – 3/16″ bit
  • 1 – 3/8″ bit

1 – Open The Cans

Open each can, and remove the contents in some tupperware to save for later. Clean out each can thoroughly with soap and water. Remove the labels from both cans.

2 – Trace The Can

Turn both cans upside down, and put the smaller can on top of the bigger can. Trace the smaller can’s outline onto the bigger can, forming a circle.

3 – Cut The Can

Take the metal shears and punch a hole in the middle of the circle you just drew. Now put the shears through the hole and cut, following the line, until you’ve cut out the circle. Smooth out the rough edges with a metal file or deburring tool.

4 – Drill The Large Can

Use the 3/16″ drill bit to drill evenly spaced circles around the top of the large can (the end opposite of the circle you cut) about 1-inch apart. Drill a second row of holes right below it – only this time, make sure the second row holes are in between the top row ones (making a zig zag shape).

Now use the 3/8″ bit to drill through each hole you just made, so they become enlarged.

5 – Drill The Small Can

Use the 3/16″ bit to drill about 24 holes through the bottom of the small can. Now drill two rows of alternating holes (just like you did with the large can) around the bottom of the can. Enlarge these holes with the 3/8″ bit as well.

Now use the 3/16″ bit to drill one straight row of evenly spaced holes around the top of the small can.

6 – Combine The Cans

Take the small can and push it inside the large can (this may take some effort) until it is completely inside.

There you have it – your “2-Can Slam” DIY Stove! Simply throw some tinder in the can, light it on fire and you’re ready to enjoy the food you stored away in step #1.

Side Note: This isn’t the only survival use for tin cans – see our blog post with 10 more uses here.

Ready for a video? This will walk you through this process and give you a great visual of how to make this stove yourself:

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NOTE: Be sure to stock up on extra heat packs so you can keep using this survival tool for all your camping/bug out meals!

DIY stove     DIY stove


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