Living Without A Fridge

living without a fridge

Most preppers would be terrified to think of living without a fridge. 

After all, our refrigerators are a crucial modern appliance nowadays; they keep our food cold (or frozen), and allow us to store foods for long periods of time with little hassle.


However, what if I told you there might come a day when living without a fridge is a normal occurrence? For example, if SHTF and an EMP occurs, your fridge and other electronic devices will be useless, leaving you to fend for yourself. 

However, it’s important to remember that people lived without refrigerators for thousands of years. After all, home refrigerators have only been introduced to society since the early 1900’s.

In this blog, I’m going to show you two things; first, I’m going to talk to you about a few ways you can keep your food cool without refrigeration. These will seriously help you out if SHTF!

Second, I’m going to tell you about various foods that don’t actually need to be refrigerated (even though society has taught us otherwise). 

I want to help you prepare for any survival situation; that’s why I’ve come prepared with these tips on…

Living Without A Fridge

Non-Electrical Refrigeration

A.) A Zeer Pot

The Zeer Pot may seem primitive, but it’s actually incredibly useful and simple to make! Using just two clay pots (a smaller and a larger one), some sand, water, a wet cloth, and a consistent breeze, you can keep your food cold without a refrigerator!

See this easy DIY project here:

B.) The Basement

If you’re lucky enough to have a basement, you know how much cooler it can get down there in comparison to the rest of the house. You can choose the coldest room downstairs, and turn it into a cooler to store your food.

C.) The “Cool Box”

Based on the fridges of the 1930’s, these “cool boxes” can keep your dairy products cool without electricity! By piping spring water in, this family was able to keep their “cool box” cool, even in 110°F outside temperatures! See it here:

D.) Root Cellar

Root cellars are a great way to keep root vegetables and other foods cool without the use of electricity. However, many preppers aren’t lucky enough to have one right outside their door.

A good, spacious root cellar takes a lot of time (and often a lot of money) to build. However, if you have an old refrigerator that no longer works, you can bury it in the ground and use that as a makeshift root cellar!

Here’s a video of a couple of homesteaders that did just that:

Foods That Don’t Need To Be Refrigerated

Despite what society has led us to believe, there are many foods that we refrigerate today that don’t actually need to be refrigerated to keep edible. Sure, the fridge might prolong their lifespan, but if you had to do without, you can leave a lot of these foods on the counter or in the cabinets.

Here’s some examples…

A.) Fruit

Despite what some families think, fruit doesn’t actually need to be refrigerated. Many citrus fruits can last a few weeks on the counter; however, strawberries, blueberries and bananas need to be consumed within a few days.

Always be sure to purchase fruit that has not yet been refrigerated. Also, be sure to avoid buying fruits that have been bruised, damaged, or that are overripe.

This can be a welcome change for many preppers – after all, many don’t know that by putting fruits (like avocados) in the fridge, the cold prevents them from continuing to ripen, therefore leaving you with hard fruit. Leave them on the counter, and your unripe bananas, avocados, mangos, etc. will be ready to eat much faster.

Most fruit will go bad within a few weeks; however if you’re looking for ones that will stay delicious for at least 20-30 years, check our our freeze-dried Lindon Farms fruits below!

living without a fridge


living without a fridge


living without a fridge


living without a fridge


B.) Condiments

Because most condiments (like ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, etc.) contain lots of salt, they can be stored for long periods of time without refrigeration. This can also be true for jams, jellies, and peanut butter.

C.) Dairy Products

Many dairy products don’t actually need to be refrigerated in order to be consumed; however, each type is different, and each has its own shelf-life to be wary of.

Eggs (especially farm-fresh) can be left on the counter for at least a week. If you’ve already bought refrigerated eggs, you can still keep them on the counter; however, it’s important that you routinely turn them throughout the day so the air sac inside the egg doesn’t settle.

Butter can last a minimum of two weeks when stored on the counter; if it’s kept in a cool room/container, it can last up to four weeks. You can even buy canned butter as a substitute, which has a longer shelf-life.

Milk, unfortunately, won’t last even a day without refrigeration. However, you can buy powdered milk, which will store infinitely longer than its liquid counterpart. You’ll also be happy to know that powdered milk has a ton of surprising survival uses you probably didn’t know about! See them here. 

We also happen to have plenty of delicious powdered milk (in both plain and chocolate varieties!) in our store. Check them out below:

living without a fridge


living without a fridge


living without a fridge


living without a fridge


Surprisingly, yogurt can be left on the counter for up to a few weeks when kept unopened. However, if opened, it needs to be eaten within a couple days.

Cheeses with hard/waxy coating can be kept for months without refrigeration. Semi-soft cheeses can also be left out, but they will soften over time. Vacuum-sealed cheeses can also last weeks without a fridge; however, once opened, they will need to be eaten within a few days.

D.) Meat

Meat, unfortunately, is one of the things that most modern-day preppers feel needs to be refrigerated. There are definitely ways to store the meat and keep it edible without refrigeration (as described in our blog post here), but they all take a bit of work to accomplish.

If you do purchase fresh meat and aren’t wanting to store it, make sure to eat it that day to avoid contamination. You could even make biltong tonight – it’s delicious and requires no refrigeration!  Don’t know what I’m talking about? Learn about biltong here.

If you have livestock, you can always salt, cure and smoke your own meat like the real-life family in this video:

However, if you don’t own your own livestock and just need a quick and easy done-for-you solution to keep you full and focused, I HIGHLY recommend Survival Cave canned meats. Each can offers a huge protein-packed punch, and only contains two ingredients: salt and meat (which means no artificial preservatives, chemicals, dyes, or growth-hormones!).

Each can has a shelf-life of 25+ years, so you know it’ll be as delicious today as it will be when SHTF.

We’re even giving you an amazing deal right now on these Survival Cave meats, where we can help you make your long-term food supply go even further while also giving you a FREE GIFT!

See how we make this possible by clicking here or on the image below.

living without a fridge

E.) Juice

Unfortunately, most juices go bad pretty quickly without refrigeration once they’re opened, so make sure to drink it the same day you bought it. However, powdered drink mixes can be a long-lasting  life-saver if you’re craving a sweet drink.

F.) Vegetables

Most vegetables will last at least a week without refrigeration; the key is to purchase them unrefrigerated. Store them unwashed, and don’t purchase any vegetables that have been bruised or damaged. Also avoid overripe vegetables.

Root vegetables, such as onions and potatoes, can be stored for at least a month without refrigeration. However, don’t store potatoes and onions together, as the onions will cause the potatoes to sprout eyes early.

If you want to be able to have a delicious assortment of vegetables all-year-round (no matter what type of SHTF, or if the grocery store shelves are full or empty), check out our awesome freeze-dried veggies!:

living without a fridge


living without a fridge


Not sure this whole “fridgeless” lifestyle is for you? Take a look at this real couple that’s making it work for them (they actually prefer it!):

One fantastic food option you can eat which contains meat, veggies AND carbs and requires absolutely zero refrigeration is our Mountain House food. 

Mountain House is one of the most popular and well-known brands of freeze-dried food,  probably because t’s delicious, lasts for many years, and is extremely easy to make. Cooking it is as easy as boiling water!

Simply boil water (amount is indicated on the directions on the package), and open your Mountain House food bag. Take out the oxygen absorber, and pour the boiling water into the bag. Stir the food using a long-stemmed spoon (Dairy Queen spoons work great for this), and then close the bag. Let it sit for 10 minutes.

When 10 minutes is up, simply open the food bag and start chowing down. It’s that easy! Plus, with Mountain House foods, there’s no annoying bowls to clean, and if you use a plastic spoon there’s no dishes to do!

These food bags are hugely versatile, and can be cooked at home, taken camping, or used in a bug out situation.

Another reason Mountain House foods are so great is their long shelf-life. Each bag has a 30-year shelf-life, making it just as tasty today as it will be when a crisis comes.

Preppers love the taste of Mountain House Food!  We’re consistently restocking our shelves due to their popularity  – probably because they come in so many outstanding varieties, such as Spaghetti and Meat Sauce, Chili Mac with Beef, and Chicken and Rice.

To make it easier, we’ve got a great Mountain House food bucket, which provides you four pouches of each of the above varieties, all packed inside this easy-to-store container. Survival really couldn’t get more convenient than this!

Regardless what kind of SHTF (economic collapse, EMP, natural disaster, etc.) Mountain House foods will continue to be as tasty, convenient and easy to cook in any situation situation you wind up in. Add this Mountain House Food Bucket to your long-term food storage today by clicking here or on the image below!

P.S: Want even more Mountain House varieties? Click here to see our stock!


living without a fridge




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