EMP Proof Your Important Electronics By Building Your Own Faraday Cage

Dr. Ben Carson, a 2016 Presidential Candidate, said EMPs are one of the biggest threats to American security.

An EMP (electro-magnetic-pulse) is a short burt of electro-magnetic energy, often times the result of a nuclear bomb or even from powerful explosions on the surface of the sun.

The truth is Dr. Carson is absolutely right.

Should a manmade or natural EMP go off, it would render most electronics in the U.S. completely unusable. That alone could send the U.S. and the rest of the world into total chaos.

The good news is you can make your own Faraday cage, a small, simple device,  which helps shield your electronics from an EMP and keeps them safe.

Here’s a video showing you how it’s done.

The beauty in this? You really don’t need to spend that much to make this work.

Some of these items you might be able to scrounge up for free.

All you need is:

  • 1 Metal garbage can
  • 4’x4′ of Cardboard
  • Some tape

And that’s it.

There’s not much to building your Faraday cage either.

Step 1:  Outline the base of your trash can and then make a small cutout on the cardboard to help line the bottom of the can.

Step 2: Outline the lid of the trashcan and then place the cutout inside the lid so it sits flush inside of it.

Step 3: Measure the interior height of the trash can and then cut out a wide piece of cardboard that wraps around the interior of the trash can.

Put all of this together and you’ve got yourself an improvised faraday cage capable of defending your electronics from an EMP.

If you have any questions on this is done, make sure to watch the video above.

While an EMP might occur at anytime, the idea is your Faraday cage should serve as a container to keep important electronics in when you’re not using them.

If an EMP hits, and your electronics are protected, it gives you a district advantage over those who haven’t prepared for this kind of an event.

To learn even more about the dangers of an EMP and what you can do to protect yourself and your family click the picture below.

Watch EMP Video – CLICK HERE 

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 2.48.08 PM


4 thoughts on “

EMP Proof Your Important Electronics By Building Your Own Faraday Cage

  1. Fran

    Do you put your solar panels into a Faraday cage also? What do you use to make a cage big enough for the panels? Will rapping the box they come in with aluminum foil do the job?

  2. Old Boy

    One other cheap alternative is to buy old or non-functional microwave ovens. If they can keep microwaves inside, they should protect the items inside from external microwaves.

  3. Ron

    There are many very common and over repeated misconceptions about EMP. What is almost never mentioned is this.

    1. The further away from the source the EMP travels the less energy there will be.
    2. EMP does not turn corners or go thru mountains.
    3. Other dense material, besides metal, can block some, and depending on the density, possibly all of the EMP energy.
    4. Cable lines, Telephone lines, and Electrical lines, as well as antennas, will collect EMP. Much like lightning it will follow these lines to their ends.

    In most cases, if your electronics are not connected to power or cable or antenna, it will survive just setting on the shelf. In those other cases… you are too close to the detonation and will have bigger problems to deal with.

    The real question should be, What are you trying to protect? Cell phones? There will be no cell phone system so why bother? Thumb drives? There will be no computers, there is no power grid to plug them into.
    Radios? Who are you going to talk or listen to?

    Solar Panels. Unless you are to close to the detonation/blast, the panels themselves are safe. The batteries, invertor, etc are also safe IF all cables are disconnected at the time of the EMP release.


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