6 DIY Home Security Hacks

DIY home security Why spend thousands on a technological home security system (that might glitch out or break down altogether) when you can simply use these DIY home security hacks we’re giving you in this blog?

Many people are so focused on prepping food, water and shelter for a SHTF situation that they completely  drop the ball when it comes to the security of their home.

After all, you may be prepared for a crisis, but oftentimes your home isn’t.

Whether you’re in a survival situation or just have nosy neighbors, you need to make sure your home, your belongings, and your family are protected no matter what.

Speaking of protection, you’ll need to make sure the belongings you carry around with you remain safe at all times – even if robbers try to mug you on the street. This handy on-the-go device will help bring attention to yourself in such an event and stop muggers in their tracks with one pull of the chord.

We’ll help you keep your home and belongings safe with these…

6 DIY Home Security Hacks

1 – The 3-Ring Binder Trick

You read correctly – with just a few 3-ring binders you can create an incredible self-defense device that could save your expensive possessions in the event of a home invasion.

Watch this useful video for more info:

2 – The Cardboard Cutout

This is a really easy one! Flatten out a large cardboard box and lay it on the floor. Have your buddy lay down on it, and trace around his head and torso with a marker. Then, cut out the figure and place it in a street-facing windowsill.

When you flip a light on in the room and turn off the rest of the house lights, it’ll look like someone is inside your house, staring out the window. This is a great “watch dog” to leave up when you and your family go on vacation!

3 – Cell Phone Trip Wire

DIY home security

Pictures courtesy of survivallife.com

DIY home security

Pictures courtesy of survivallife.com

That’s right – for around $10  you can use a prepaid cell phone to catch intruders. It’ll even call you when they come in the front door!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cheap pre-paid cell phone
  • Soldering iron
  • Rosin-core solder (60/40)
  • Wire
  • Utility knife
  • Phillips head screwdriver (small)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tin foil
  • Clothespin
  • Receipt paper
  • String

Activate the cell phone and program the phone’s speed dial to call you when the #8 is held down. Change the contact name to “Trip Wire” so you know what it’s about when it calls.

Use the Phillips to unscrew all screws on the back of the phone. Use your utility knife to separate the front and back plates. The phone should now be in three pieces: the front plate, the back plate and the phone itself.

Find the #8 button on the phone (middle row, second to the bottom) and cut off the metal piece on it.

You’ll see a copper ring with a circle in the center. Solder a wire to the circle, and then solder a separate wire to the ring around it. The two wires must not touch!

You can test your work by now putting the wires together – when they touch, the phone should call the Trip Wire speed dial number you set up.

Cut out the #8 from the front plate keypad; place the two wires through this hole, and put all parts of the phone back together. Drip hot glue into the hole at the base of the wires to keep them in place.

Bend one of the ends of the wires toward itself, and wrap with aluminum foil (keep excess foil). Clamp the clothespin on the wire. Now fold the excess foil on top of the clothes pin, and drip hot glue to secure it. Glue the closest part of the wire leading out from the clothespin to the top of the pin as well.

Repeat this process with the other wire, attaching it to the other side of the clamp.

Braid the two wires together, and attach the clothespin to the back of the cell phone with hot glue (so it sits on top of it).

Cut a small hole at the bottom of the receipt paper and tie the string through the hole. Then slip the receipt paper into the clothespin clamp.

You have now created your trip wire!

To set it up, tape the trip wire to the inside wall by the front door. Then, loop the string over the doorknob, and then bring it down and underneath the door. Cut the string and tape the end to the back of the door.

Here’s how it works:

When a burglar comes in, he’ll open the door, which will pull on the string and dislodge the receipt paper from the clamp.

Once this happens, the clamp ends (and the wire tips) will touch, causing the wires to speed dial your phone number, alerting you of the unwelcome guests.

4 – Transforming Furniture Into Weapons

With just a little effort, you can hide nunchucks discreetly under a floating shelf, or transform an ordinary looking table into a weapon/shield combo! Take a look at these pictures:

DIY home security

Pictures courtesy of survivallife.com

DIY home security

Pictures courtesy of survivallife.com


DIY home security

Pictures courtesy of survivallife.com

5 – Hide Your Secret Shelter

If you’ve got an underground secret room you don’t want anyone to know about, what better place to hide it than in plain sight (aka in your kitchen island)?

DIY home security

Pictures courtesy of survivallife.com

6 – Doormat

If all else fails, you can always convince robbers to turn around at the doorstep with this convincing doormat:

DIY home security

Pictures courtesy of survivallife.com

Ok, I’ll admit – the last one was a joke.

But seriously, home security is no laughing matter.

Are you sure you’ll be prepared if your family’s safety is threatened? I ask, because the protection of your home, your stuff and your family is crucial to your survival when SHTF. You need to place yourself and your safety as top priority to keep you and your family alive, unharmed and free of burglary.

However, you can have all the security gear in the world and still not be safe…why? Because without a knowledgable, trained survivalist behind it, gear is just that…gear.

Part of prepping well is training well for any and all scenarios – and that’s why we’re offering you the Ultimate Survival DVD Library. This exclusive teaching series offers you everything you need to know for both basic and advanced survival techniques when it comes to preventing breaking & entering, as well as setting up critical home defense tactics.

But that’s not all; we want to train you for every single crisis that is likely to happen – outside of the home, as well as inside. That’s why we cover even more topics, such as:

  • Preparing to Survive
  • Fire Making and Water Survival
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For an incredibly low price, you can receive critical information designed by top survival experts on how to better prepare for multiple real-life emergency situations you could encounter in your lifetime.

So I’ll ask you again…are you sure you’ll be prepared if your family’s safety is threatened?

After watching these videos, you’ll know you will be.

Get the Ultimate Survival DVD Library today, before it’s too late.

DIY home security


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