How to Keep Your Teeth Clean When SHTF

If you’ve ever seen the movie Cast Away, with Tom Hanks, then you probably remember the scene where he has a rotten tooth and is forced to knock it out with a figure skate.

If that scene made you uncomfortable, you’re not alone. The thought of having to do something so extreme and imagining the pain is enough to make anyone cringe…

But the worst part is that situations just like that scene in Cast Away will be very common when SHTF because people won’t be able to take care of their teeth like they usually do.

Everyday items we take for granted like toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash will become scarce after a crisis, which is why I’d like to show you some alternative ways of keeping your teeth clean when SHTF.

This way you won’t have to do anything extreme like pulling your own teeth out.

Use a DIY Toothpick

As a first step, get any chunks out of your teeth. Unless you plan on carrying toothpicks, you’ll need to make your own.

It’s easy. Just find a small stick and use your knife to sharpen one end to a point. Then use the point like you would normally use a toothpick.

Make This Disgusting (But Effective) Toothpaste From Tree Bark

Did you know you can make your own toothpaste from tree bark? It works really well, but I have to warn you…this is going to taste disgusting.

First, gather bark from trees that have tannic acid such as oak, birch, hickory, aspen, and poplar. Then boil that bark so it releases the tannic acid.

The watery solution you’re left with will act like toothpaste.

Chew on Tree Sap

Another way to get the gunk out of your teeth is to chew on tree sap. The sap is sticky and will pull all the bad stuff out of your teeth. Think of it like nature’s chewing gum.

Chew on Twigs and Small Sticks

Can’t find any sap? No problem, because you can also use twigs and small sticks and they’ll work almost as well.

Just make sure the trees you’re getting them from aren’t poisonous.

A Common Weed That Promotes Dental Hygiene

All across North America there are plants called plantains, or Plantago Major…though most people simply see them as weeds.

Plantains have many medicinal properties and are useful for survivalists in general. One of their medicinal uses relates to dental hygiene.

Chewing on the leaves of plantains will help keep your teeth clean and kill bacteria that could cause cavities.

Plantains are also known for their ability to soothe toothaches. You can either chew on their leaves or make an herbal tea out of their leaves.

Do you know any other dental hygiene tips for when SHTF? If so, share your knowledge with your fellow preppers in the comments section below!


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