This Survival Hack Shows You How To Get Free Energy From A Ceiling Fan

How To Get Free Energy From A Ceiling Fan

There are millions of people who believe the only way to get power is to hook up to the local power companies outrageouesly expensive supply.

For sure it’s one of the easiest solutions all things considered, it doesn’t take much thinking to call them up and get an account and then plug right in.

While the power companies supply is certainly convenient the truth is it’s not 100% reliable.

That’s even more true in the event you were to be the victim of a massive power outage, or landed smack dab in the middle of a massive power grid failure.

That’s why I always stress the importance of investing (or investigating) in alternative energy supplies.

Here’s the good news about a lot of alternative forms of free energy.

Many of them are simple, DIY solutions. And with the Internet providing thousands of easy-to-follow videos showing you how to begin generating free power you’re really without excuse when it comes to building a backup supply of power to give you free energy.

The video that I’m going to post below is really quite innovative.

It shows you can use a regular old ceiling fan to generate 100% free energy.

This Cool Video Shows You How To Get Free Energy From A Ceiling Fan

Before I go too far I want everyone reading this to realize I’m not an electrician.

And in this video there are a few things that might require a better understanding of electrical systems than many other free energy systems. Of course if you’re reading this that means you have full access to the Internet where you’ll be able to find the answers to your electrical questions.

What this video shows is how you can take an old ceiling fan and basically convert it into an alternator.

Once you’ve followed the directions outlined in the video you can covert your new alternator into a wind generator.

That’s how to get free energy from a ceiling fan.

The incredible thing about this setup is you can use this same concept in a variety of ways.

In another blog post I showed you how you can take a bunch of snow shovels and then convert them into a large windmill for power generation.

Depending on where you live that would be a great way to generate free power in the event a severe crisis has taken place.

Even if the ceiling fan build is a bit more complicated than what you think you could handle the point is you need to keep your eyes and ears open for alternative ways to generate power.

That’s why I’ve focused on getting new, self-sustaining products into my store.

Free power is something you should have ready and immediate access to.

One of our most popular items relies on a technology nearly identical to what you saw in the video above.

It’s a hand crank radio/flashlight that uses magnets (like the ceiling fan does) to generate free energy.

In an emergency this could be one of the most useful survival tools you own.

Click here or on the image below to get yours now.

How To Get Free Energy From A Ceiling Fan



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