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  • David Adams Jul 2, 2014

    5 Minute SHTF Survival Quiz

    <h1>5 Minute SHTF Survival Quiz</h1>

    Can you answer these basic SHTF survival questions on your own without looking them up? Hopefully you can because if you found yourself in a “stuff hits the fan” situation tomorrow then this knowledge could mean the difference between life or death! Take this quick quiz to see if you possess some of the most… Read More

  • David Adams Jun 3, 2014

    Homesteading 101

    <h1>Homesteading 101</h1>

    Homesteading is best described as a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. This lifestyle has continued to gain popularity due to an increase in the survivalist movement, as well as greater exposure through television and media coverage. While “living off the grid” might be appealing to some, the life of a homesteader is not easy and not for… Read More

  • David Adams May 20, 2014

    How to Wash Clothes Without a Washer

    <h1>How to Wash Clothes Without a Washer</h1>

    How to Wash Clothes Without a Washer and Dryer? In an emergency situation, you might need to wash your clothes, yet are unable to access a washing machine. Let’s a take a look at some of the best ways for how to wash clothes without a washing machine. Wash Clothes With Bathtub and Plunger Fill… Read More

  • David Adams Apr 30, 2014

    13 Critical Items For Your Car Survival Kit

    <h1>13 Critical Items For Your Car Survival Kit</h1>

    Everyone who owns or drives a car should have a car survival kit in their vehicle at all times. Even if you are planning a short drive, it is critical to always be prepared with your car survival kit in case of an accident or emergency. So, what are the must-have items every car emergency… Read More

  • David Adams Apr 28, 2014

    How to Find Water Outdoors (For Survival)

    <h1>How to Find Water Outdoors (For Survival)</h1>

    Water is critical to survival if you become lost or stranded outdoors. You can only survive 3 days without water – max. That’s why it’s so important to know how to locate water in nearly any environment. By learning what to look for, you can find water when you need it most in a survival… Read More

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