Don’t Forget These 10 Items For Your Bug Out Bag

Think you’ve got all of your bases covered?

Turns out you might be wrong.

Despite your dedication to getting survival supplies in place you might be forgetting some important tools.

Check out this video (and the list below) to make sure you’ve got these bug out bag essentials.

Here are the 10 things you’ll want to add to your bug out bag.

  • Anti diarrhea meds: Many factors can contribute to diarrhea in a crisis. Don’t get caught feeling like crap, a few weeks worth on hand could help a ton. These are a bug out bag essential.
  • Sewing kit: Holes in clothing, sleeping, bags, or your bug out bag can knock you out quick. Sewing kits are cheap and can save your hide.
  • Bug Spray: Not only are bugs miserable, they can spread disease. A small canister of bug spray can increase your safety, add one to your bug out bag to increase your level of comfort and to keep yourself from getting sick.
  • A Survival Guide: A guide can be incredibly helpful, especially if you’re not as prepared as you’d like. With a guide on hand it can make survival a little less complicated. Plus, they’re not all that heavy, which makes them great for bug out bags.
  • Water Purification: It sounds like a no brainer, but many people overlook this. Something lightweight and portable is ideal. the Lifestraw is a great example of a bug out bag friendly water purifier.
  • Local Map: This can help you navigate when the power’s out. Plus if you want to go the back way to a certain location this will make it a lot easier. They take up zero space and are perfect for scrambling on the move.
  • Bandana: A bandana has tons of additional uses. You can soak up dew for water, use it as a tourniquet, use it to stay cool and much more. Every bug out bag should have a few.
  • Dental equipment:  A toothbrush, toothpaste and floss will go a long way in a crisis. Aside from making you feel cleaner the dental equipment will  also help lower your risk of infection.
  • Change of clothes: It’s always ideal to have a change of clothes in case your first pair gets soiled. This will keep you comfortable and clean.
  • Portable radio: Preferably one that operates on alternative power like solar or crank power. A radio will keep you informed on what’s going on and will help keep you safe from storms and emergencies.

All of these should make it in your bug out bag.

Don’t delay on these, and make sure to check out our site to get what you don’t already have.




4 thoughts on “

Don’t Forget These 10 Items For Your Bug Out Bag

  1. John Burge

    I suggest a small BIC lighter and a ‘Blast Match”. Depending on the weather fire could be very important. I also keep a dozen or so cotton balls rubbed down with Vaseline – regular petroleum jelly. These will light with just a small spark from a blast match or even just a piece of flint and some carbon steel. Also they can be used over and over. Once you use the flame to start something else afire, then put out the cotton ball for later use. And … they will burn for several minutes – plenty of time to load on a supply of wood starting with small stuff to feed your fire with.

  2. Major charlie

    I would suggest any needed medications and perhaps an antibiotic, might go big and include a magnifying glass. Those things can help keep you around long enough to use the other things in the bag. I also include some cash and trade goods. It will take time before out her’s understand that money largely only good for starting a fire.

  3. Shirley

    I carry condoms and tampons . Cotton balls stay dry in condoms,and carry water when put in sock or t-shirts. Tampons if bad bleeding wound to plug hole and extra cotton. Farm supply stores have meds for animals that will work on people and needles ,

  4. Mark

    I would suggest a simple water test kit. We have ground water around here that, as the older locals say, “gives a man the trots before he can even get back on his horse” after just one drink. The problem is mineral rather than biological.


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