7 Survival Tools To Add To Your Bedroom Survival Kit

survival kitTo tell you the truth, most preppers haven’t thought of making a bedroom survival kit…which means they’re putting themselves at a huge disadvantage once SHTF.

Think about it – we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, and/or in our bedroom. So odds are you’ll be in this room when an emergency happens.

And not just that – you also need to be able to grab your bedroom survival kit from under your bed or on top of your night stand and get out if a crisis occurs, such as a house fire, earthquake, home invasion, tornado, flood, and more.

There are so many emergencies that could occur (both natural disasters and otherwise) that the question isn’t IF you should have a bedroom survival kit, but rather WHAT you should put in it.

And I’m here to give you some ideas.

7 Survival Tools To Add To Your Bedroom Survival Kit

Note: It’s important to remember that the below list DOES NOT include every survival tool you’ll need to survive in a crisis, and that the bedroom survival kit is meant to be a supplement to your normal bug out bag – not a replacement of it.

However, the purpose of this list is to make you aware of the need for a bedroom survival kit, and to give you a starting point of important items to add.

1 – Hiking Shoes/Boots

Many preppers hate the idea of dirty shoes scuffing up their clean bedroom carpets. However, there’s no time for vanity in an emergency situation.

The fact is if you’re in a crisis, you’re going to have to get out FAST. And to do that, you’re going to need some good, durable shoes to escape the house in. Now these don’t have to be fancy, but you should be able to walk long distances in them comfortably ; after all, most disasters require you to run, walk, and/or stand for far longer than you’d expect.

I also recommend using elastic, locking laces on your shoes; these laces fasten once and lock into place so that you never have to tie your shoes again (perfect for an emergency situation). Just slip them on and head out the door.

2 – Light Source

Ever notice how many emergency situations occur at night? There’s just something about complete darkness that often makes the most sinister things happen.

However, if you have a survival flashlight on-hand, you can light your way through the house and into the night. These also make great self-defense tools, as you can distract an attacker and temporarily blind them, giving you a chance to escape.

3 – Cash & Compact Self-Defense Weapons

I cannot stress this enough; cash is one of the most important things you can have on you in an emergency! Yes, I understand that there may come a time when SHTF and cash is rendered useless; however, until that day comes, it’s important to have a few bucks in your bedroom survival kit for emergencies. You’ll be surprised at how often this comes in handy.

It’s also important to have some compact tactical survival tools with you as you leave the house. These should be small enough to fit on your “crisis-ready” necklace (see #6) or in your pocket, but should be capable of doing some damage. This way they’re easy to hide when in a rush.

However, guns have their place in the self-defense line too; click here to learn about 33 places you can hide your gun from home invaders.

4 – Emergency Water & Snacks

When an emergency occurs, you’re going to need the stamina to stay awake, hydrated, and ready for action. Set yourself up for success by including some emergency water pouches, a compact way to filter/purify water, and some lightweight, filling survival food (such as canned meat, granola bars, emergency ration bars, etc.) in order to keep you full and focused on survival.

5 – Emergency Radio

I’m incredibly surprised at the amount of preppers today who don’t have an emergency radio to get updates on; this is one of the most critical survival tools you can have in a crisis.

Emergency radios are amazing – they can alert you of severe weather alerts, large-scale disasters, and emergency events occurring nearby. This is crucial, as oftentimes there are warnings of upcoming disasters that many preppers miss because they don’t have one of these radios to signal them.

Many radios even have a “wake” up component, which sound an alarm, turn on the radio, and display important information of emergencies on an LED screen (such as “TORNADO”). This way, no matter what happens, you’re bound to hear/see the alerts and be prepared for what’s to come.

6 – A “Crisis-Ready” Necklace

This one is actually sort of brilliant and a great DIY project. Simply take a long strand of paracord and tie the ends together, forming a long necklace. Then take super compact survival tools and attach a keyring to them (or use extra paracord to wrap around them) and hook them to the necklace.

This is not only an excellent way to keep all your compact survival tools in one place, but it also helps eliminate the risk of you dropping one and losing it on the go. Plus, you won’t have to fumble around in your go-bag for the items you need – they’ll already be conveniently around your neck.

7 – USB Chargers

Your smart phone is one of the most valuable assets you can have; you can use it to GPS your next location, to call 911, to text family, to look up surrounding shelters to flock to, to get news updates from, etc.

However, this life-saving device is basically worthless if it’s got a dead battery.

That’s why I highly recommend having a variety of cell phone/USB chargers in your bedroom survival kit, including a wall outlet charger, a car charger, and a solar charger.

That way, whether you end up fleeing to a nearby building, driving to safety, or bugging out for weeks on end, you will always have a way to stay charged and become aware of what’s going on.

Here’s a prepper that’s been thinking ahead and has already prepped her bedroom survival kit. She’s even got a few items I didn’t include on this list. Check out what she puts in her go-kit:

Note: Although the video mentioned “apartment prepping,” these tips are still solid for anyone living in a house. However, those living in an apartment may encounter some specific challenges when preparing for an attack. Click here to read our blog on “apartment prepping” so you can prep better/smarter for what’s to come.

Like I said, since the average person spends about 1/3 of their time in the bedroom, chances are good the next emergency will happen while you’re in there. And unfortunately, this is often one of the least prepared rooms in the house when it comes to disaster preparedness.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. The small amount of work it takes to stock a bedroom survival kit today could mean having life-saving conveniences and necessities for tomorrow.

It’s our mission here at Survival Frog to prepare you for absolutely anything that can occur. That’s why our online survival store is stocked with tons of survival tools you can use to stock your bedroom survival kit in order to stay prepared.

Take a look at the survival gear below and grab the ones you need to stay prepared for what’s to come. Remember – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!


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