5 “Not So Obvious” Ways Your Cell Phone Could Save Your Life

Smart Phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. It feels weird to be without your phone for just a few hours, but having your cell phone could help in a survival situtation.

Here are 5 more reasons to keep that phone with you at all times.


5 Quick Cell Phone Survival Tips:


1 – ICE Add the letters ICE after your spouse or children’s contact info in your phone.  Emergency responders know to look at an injured patient’s cell phone for these letters: In Case of Emergency.


2 – Survival Apps – There are dozens of emergency alert apps that can alert you to pending danger in yourarea. Even without cell signal you can still use the phone’s memory to access maps of your area, first aid manuals, edible plants reference, pictures of ID’s and other important documents. And the flashlight app is a must have so you can light up an area, or even use the SOS flashing function.


3 – Take Pictures – Its so easy now to document everything from car accidents to the  ‘almost suspicious’ car at your neighbor’s house.  Take pictures of trail head maps. Take pictures of where you park at the mall or airport.


4 – Use a Dead Phone – Use the phone as a reflective device to signal for help. A broken cell phone case can become a sharp knife. Your headphone wires can act as string to create a snare or tie down things. Pretending to talk on the phone could provide some security if you find yourself in a rough neighborhood.


5 – Backup Family Communication – In a large disaster situation, cell towers are quickly overwhelmed and cell phones often don’t work.  Even when calls can’t get through, you may be able to get a text off to a family member.  Sending emails, Skype messages or even Facebook posts via wifi could also be a good way to communicate with your family in a time of crisis.


Of course, your phone will only work if you can keep it charged. Besides plugging your phone into the wall at your home, the car is your 2nd best option for charging your phone. Even if your home is without power, you can still charge your phone or other small devices with your car. But only if you have the right adapter now. Get a phone car charger adapter today for each car you own.


But what do you do when your car is dead and your home has no power?


This Weather Radio can provide an unlimited supply of power for your cell phone. Or iPad or other tablets.



Emergency Solar Radio



Use the built in solar panel or hand crank to instantly generate energy. With this little survival tool you’ll not only have power generation at your fingertips, you’ll have NOAA weather radio, FM/AM and a very bright flashlight.




Phone batteries hate cold temperatures and may appear to be out of power. However, once you warm up the phone (tuck it in your armpit) your battery will come back to life giving you another chance to make that critical phone call.












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5 “Not So Obvious” Ways Your Cell Phone Could Save Your Life

  1. Caroline

    You want to put the ICE in front of your emergency contacts name so it is listed in the “I” section of your phones directory. You want an emergency worker to be able to find this easily, not have to scroll through a gazillion contacts.

  2. Lee

    My wife and I are both “ham” radio operators and we have radios in each vehicle as well as at
    home. In the event of a major disaster ham radio still talks. When all other methods of communication
    are down, ham radio still talks. The basic Technician’s License is a easy test and ham handheld radios are
    very inexpensive these days. I would recommend that everyone get the Technician’s License.


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