5 Ways to Purify Water

If you find yourself in a survival situation, whether it be out in the wilderness or after a disaster (whether it be man-made or natural), you are going to need clean and safe water to drink. Depending on the circumstances, it can be extremely difficult to nearly impossible to find purified water in a survival situation. Before it’s too late, learn five different ways you can purify water so it’s safe to drink.




Boil Water to Purify



If you are looking for safe drinking water, one of the easiest ways to purify water is by boiling it. Boiling water is the best way to get rid of any potentially bad organisms in the water; however, it will not remove many of the various chemical pollutants found in water around the world. Boiling requires a heat source of some kind such as a fire or electric heat from a stove. Water must be at a rolling boil for at least one minute before it is safe to drink.


Water Purification Tablets

Water Purifier Tablets



Water purification tablets can be another easy way to purify water. They do not take up much room and are great for when you can’t start a fire. Because these tablets contain chemicals, they are not recommended for long periods of time. Just like with boiling water, water purification tablets will not remove chemicals from the water.


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Solar Still

Solar stills use condensation to collect water. They are often considered to be a secondary method of collecting water because they can take some time to produce water. You will need a plastic sheet, rocks, and a collection container. The solar still can take some time and effort to set up due to the requirement of digging a hole. This method works really well in hot locations.



LifeStraw Water Purifier

The LifeStraw is a really cool water personal water filter that was developed as an easy way to purify water in emergency situations. The LifeStraw is capable of removing over 99% of bacteria and parasites from water. They are also incredibly easy to use. Simply find a water source and drink through the LifeStraw (or water bottle if you have the Lifestraw GO Bottle) to enjoy clean and safe water. The LifeStraw does not remove chemicals or viruses from the water. If you are worried about removing viruses from the water, the LifeStraw Family removes over 99% of viruses from water.

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Wilderness Purifier with Charcoal

The last water purifying method we are going to mention is the wilderness purifier with charcoal. This filter requires that you obtain or make a container that is water tight but pours into a second container on the bottom. Inside the top container you will layer grass, sand, and charcoal. The more times that it is layered, the more effectively it will filter the contaminated water. This method is the only way mentioned to remove even some chemicals. For best results, you should still boil your water once you have run it through your filter as charcoal, grass, and sand will not remove bacteria that is commonly found in water. Setting up a filtration system like this is great for long-term survival needs or when you suspect there are chemicals in your water source. This system will also remove mud and debris from your water, leaving it cleaner.


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