5 Great Ways To Meet Preppers

how to meet more preppersOne of the biggest questions people have when they’re preparing for SHTF is how to find and meet preppers. 

This totally makes sense; after all, not only are we all preparing for a major emergency, but we also know that when SHTF we’re going to have to depend on people a lot more than many of us would like.

It also makes sense that we would want to meet more preppers since humans are built for community – we thrive on connection and forming relationships.

And, when SHTF, that valuable trust you’ve built up with your fellow preppers is going to be the very thing that ultimately gets you through some of the hardest times imaginable.

We here at Survival Frog want to ensure you’re as prepared as possible for a major emergency – and that includes helping you gain new friends and new relationships along the way. That’s why I wrote this blog about…

5 Great Ways To Meet Preppers

1 – MeetUp.com

MeetUp.com is a fantastic website for any type of group (including preppers) wanting to connect in person and online in order to establish relationships and share their knowledge. Many of these groups do activities together, and/or hold meetings to discuss prepping topics and skills.

To see specific prepper groups on this site, go to Preppers.MeetUp.com.

2 – Craig’s List

Prepper groups can be found on Craig’s List if you know where to look. Although many people are hesitant about calling themselves “preppers”online (due to social stigmas), prepping groups can often be found using terms like “SHTF,” “emergency preparedness” and “Self-sustaining.”

Although Craig’s List can be a great place to find other preppers, it (like many other websites) has the potentiality for scams; as such, be careful when contacting groups.

3 – AmericanPreppersNetwork.net

AmericanPreppersNetwork is an online forum where preppers can come and gather information and meet in person in order to better themselves and their preps. They often hold monthly meetings (depending on the group), and have  quite a variety of people on the site.

Just like any site, be careful of how much personal information you give away, as the forum is public.

4 – Community Boards

Many coffee shops, gyms, recreation centers, grocery stores, etc. have community boards where people can come and pin up flyers about various events going on around town.

There’s a good possibility that there’s a prepper in your area wanting to coordinate a get-together to chat about survival. If there’s not, I would encourage YOU to put up a flyer and see who responds!

5 – Churches

Certain churches offer classes or workshops on self-sustainability; this can be a great way to meet new preppers and learn some new skills.

Although meeting new preppers is good and even necessary, it’s imperative that you are still on your guard and act in a way that will help weed out the preppers that will truly help you from the ones that don’t have your best interests at heart.

Watch this great video to learn some important tips on how to conduct yourself when meeting new preppers:

When it comes right down to it, we all need each other in order to survive. And, when SHTF, you can bet you’re going to need all the friends you can get to help you get through the toughest times.

Once you’ve met a few preppers you like and trust, one of the best symbols of goodwill you can give them in order to solidify your friendship is the gift of a Survival Frog e-gift card. 

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