3 Piece DIY Air Conditioning (CHEAP)

This has got to be one of the coolest things ever, no pun intended.

Using nothing more than a piece of PVC pipe, a small desk fan, and an ice chest, you can cool your home to unreal temperatures.

Check it out.


As summer rolls around, this little device might serve as a perfect way to spot cool some of the larger areas in your home.

The best part is how you’re able to achieve dramatic reductions in temperature for pennies on the dollar.

The cost to freeze ice, and run the fan is minimal. Especially if you get an efficient fan requiring very little power to operate (make sure to check the wattage).

This isn’t exactly an off-the-grid survival hack, but when every dollar saved is a dollar earned it’s definitely a financial survival hack.

Why spend hundreds of dollars cooling your whole house when you could use a handy tool like this and cool the main rooms you use instead?

Imagine what how much you could save over the course of a summer if you used this to cool your home based on what room you’re in opposed to just flushing money down the drain with costly A/C or swamp coolers.

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7 thoughts on “

3 Piece DIY Air Conditioning (CHEAP)

  1. Diana Becker Mullins

    Any directions for solar power energy?
    And, where do you buy solar panels.
    Thank you.

  2. Bob Parkinson

    How do you compensate for the high humidity that is created? Get a dehumidifier? Freeze water from dehumidifier to recycle in the cooler? Will the solar panel drive both units? Does the $30 include the solar panel? Great idea!!!

  3. Josh

    This was an awesome exercise and not only that it works great to cool off our bedroom at night. We have made our bedroom much more comfortable temperature wise since making this DIY A/C!

  4. Andrew Williams

    This has got to be the best idea I have seen. I just bought a diesel bus that I intend to convert to a bugout vehicle and this is a great way to cool it instead of using the a/c system. Thanks for the info!


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