10 Powerless Tools You’ll Need For EMP Survival

EMP Survival is one of the most important emergencies to prepare for.


Because this catastrophic event has the potential to fry out every electronic device you have containing a circuit board, transformer, computer or microchip.

That means vehicles, cell phones, tablets, computers, and even LED flashlights will be rendered useless during an EMP.

Note: There IS a possibility that your vehicle is EMP-Proof. Click here to find out how to tell.

If an EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) occurs, it could also wipe out power lines, airplanes, helicopters, and many other things we all depend on.

If this critical event occurs, it’s important to have some powerless tools on-hand that can still help you survive once SHTF.

It’s our job here at Survival Frog to help you prepare for ANYTHING that can happen – and an EMP is certainly one of the most threatening events that can occur. That’s why it’s crucial you read about these…

10 Powerless Tools You’ll Need For EMP Survival

1 – Shovel

Shovels are an extremely useful survival tool after an EMP – not only can you use them for planting a survival garden, digging a shelter and hiding your valuables, but you can also use them as a defense weapon against your enemies.

Hint: If you REALLY want to thrive in an EMP, you’ll want our Disaster Preparedness Shovel (on the left) and our M48 Tactical Shovel (on the right)! These super durable shovels were made for getting the job done and for self-defense! Click on the images below to get yours.

EMP survival   EMP survival

2 – Pipe Wrench

One of the worst things to have to deal with after an EMP is a sewage problem. Thankfully, with a pipe wrench you’ll be able to repair your sewage system and prevent any unwanted issues.

Speaking of wrenches, one of the other things you DON’T want to have to deal with in a crisis is a gas leak. Prevent a disaster and shut off that gas line with our 5-star Nexis Gas Shut Off Wrench. Get one for yourself by clicking here or on the image below.

EMP survival

3 – Screwdriver

When SHTF and the grid is down, you’ll still need to keep up with repairs – and that means you’ll need to go old-school with a handy dandy screwdriver. Make sure to stock up on a few of these, as well as a variety of screws for any situation.

If you don’t have a screwdriver on-hand, we recommend the following multi-use survival tools to get the job done right:

EMP survivalEMP survival

4 – Hammer

A hammer is another efficient powerless tool that you’ll need in a crisis. With a hammer and nails you can construct a bug out shelter, make repairs on your home, or even defend yourself from attackers if you need to.

Note: One of the best things you can do to prepare for an EMP (or for any crisis) is to invest in multi-use survival tools. Get tons of jobs done with one single tool! For instance, this Zombinator contains a hammer, plus seven other survival tools. Check it out here or by clicking the image below.

EMP survival

5 – Battery Tester

Let’s face it – most of our bug out gear nowadays requires batteries to operate. And after an EMP, you can bet that batteries will become incredibly scarce. My advice? Stock up now, and get yourself a battery tester.

This can be a huge time saver, since even one dead battery can cause a perfectly good electronic device to not work. Testing out your stash will help you get a good idea of how many “live” batteries you have, and how many you need to chuck out.

6 – Air Pump

The beauty of bicycles is that they require zero electricity to run, making them an ideal transportation option in an EMP. Keep an air pump handy to keep your bike running smoothly.

7 – Cross-Cut Saw

Cross-cut saws are an essential survival tool for cutting down trees – in fact, they’re much more efficient than the typical handsaws you might have seen in survival kits. Use this saw to help you make firewood and/or build a shelter on your next bug out trip.

8 – Steel Pipe

Steel pipes are easily strong enough to make for effective weapons in self-defense. You can also cap off the end and store small items in the pipe, or you can replace an existing pipe in your home.

Or, if you get real creative, you can make your own shotgun out of a pipe like this guy:

9 – Hacksaw

Hacksaws are effective for cutting into wood (or bone if you’re really in an emergency). The blades can also be used for striking ferro rods in order to start a fire.

10 – Hand Drill

Hand drills are often forgotten due to their electronic counterparts; however, these are still crucial to have in an EMP. With a manual hand drill you can still complete many DIY metal and wood projects, making them a perfect solution for when the grid is down.

The fact is an EMP is one of the most threatening crises that can occur in this day and age. That’s because most people have an increased dependency on computers and electronic devices.

I mean, just think of it – in an instant your car, cell phone, electricity, heat, computer AND other electronic devices could all be shot.

And the most disheartening thing is that, although the list above contains great ideas, these tools alone will not get you through an EMP crisis.

However, I’ve got a secret for you. There is one thing that will help you get through this terrifying disaster – and that’s our EMP Survival Guide.

We wrote this guide specifically for individuals and families looking to prepare themselves for this alarming event, as well as how to deal with it when the crisis actually occurs.

Our EMP Survival Guide contains the following crucial information:

  • Effects Of An EMP: Crucial information your family needs to know about what exactly will go down in an EMP. This information can easily save your life.
  • Steps For Survival: We’ll teach you the tips and tricks you and your family needs to survive an EMP with as many working resources as possible.
  • The Top EMP Devices: Learn which devices will help you out the most when the grid goes down (and no, they aren’t listed in this blog).
  • Survival Resources: When an EMP strikes, you’re going to need food and water – which can be hard to get without any electricity. We’ll give you lots of detailed, easy to understand tips on survival gardening and stockpiling food and water in order to thrive during the catastrophe.
  • Plus so much more!

The fact is an EMP can strike at ANY time – and we only have a limited amount of time to prepare.

Once that grid goes down, everyone will need to fend for themselves – and those who haven’t prepared will be extremely sorry.

You don’t have to be one of those people. You can prepare now and survive later with our EMP Survival Guide. You’ll be so knowledgable after reading through this guide, you’ll even be able to teach your prepper friends and family about ways they can survive, too.

You don’t have to be left in the dark when an EMP hits. Click here or on the image below to grab your EMP Survival Guide today to prepare for what’s up ahead.

EMP survival


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